Degrassi 13D: Coming In June (x)

Anonymous asked: Clew is just spemma but worse (no one wouldmve thought that was possible)

1000000% agree. I’m dying to know if they’re divorced yet. I wish old characters stopped by more often and gave summaries of their last few years

  • simpson: you know, you and i have more in common than you think.
  • eli: you do drugs and get naked?
  • no
  • youre never leaving the degrassi franchise either

Anonymous asked: I just wish degrassi didn't fuck up like i hate it when shows do what the fans want but everyone hates clew and not everyone ships eclare but they should've been endgame i guess

I hateeeee when shows make ships happen JUST because they’re fan favorites. I’m pretty sure thats what they did with Fimogen - they were like “oh everyone wants them together and even thought it barely makes sence lets do it!” they weren’t a bad couple but they shouldn’t have happened because of the fans. I think that’s why Eclare kept getting back together - cause they’re a fan favorite. I don’t really care either way for Eclare but I kind of think they will be endgame, like Clare’s last ep she gets into a New York school she applied to while still with Eli and decides to go and they get back together. But yeah I agree that if they’re going to listen to fans they should listen about Clew and how awful they are. I also really hate that there are no straight guy/straight girl platonic friendships. We all have tons of friends we’re not attracted to and never will be! 

eli goldsworthy, what a charmer.

Chick on sticks is going to sell it from back here, yo.

degrassi meme: nine relationships (6/9) » Jimmy Brooks & Spinner Mason

"Wait a second, you think your parents would adopt me?" "Uh, no. They already have another son: Spinner."


I am not just mad that Clare had sex because it was with Drew.It sucks because they are my notp, but that isn’t the only reason. I get that people change and grow up. Her views on love and marriage changed after her parents divorce. It is still ooc for her to sleep with a guy she is not dating. It is ooc for her to have sex with a guy she is not in love with. It is ooc because she takes sex and relationships so seriously. Clare Edwards even if she grew up and changed would never have cheap, casual sex on school property the day after ending her long term relationship. Spin it however you want, but nothing you say will convince me that it was in character.

those18minutestares asked: A std would make sense of why she is being a bitch to him and he seems freaked out. Another reason I thought it could be a pregnancy is when he is talking to Alli and Jenna he mentioned not being that guy anymore, but I really don't know.

yeah and when Clare says something like “you ruined everything and you dont even care” thats what sounds like preggo but when that Jack girl says something about cooking up revenge thats what sounds like it could be fake preggo (or some kind of public humiliation since she looked like she was recording something prob on DTV when Imogen said she had to catch up on her gossip). but yeah I’d kinda like an std haha

Anonymous asked: i always come to you to talk about the show i hope you don't mind, but have you seen the promo for season 13d? i always get excited when i see the whole season promos and now i was too but i saw people talking about clare being pregnant and i really hope that's not true cause that just doesn't fit her character AT ALL. Also miles' sister and his best friend i called that from the start they going to be a thing

I DONT MIND AT ALL ITS WONDERFUL FEEL FREE TO ALWAYS TALK TO ME. yes I’ve seen both the US and Canadian promos for 13D. yeah I reallllllly hope Clare’s not pregnant but one theory I saw a few times is maybe shes faking to get back at Drew a la Anya S10. so hopefully its either fake or we’re all imagining it and shes talking about something else. I kinda hope he gave her an STD or something cause then she’d learn her lesson about closet hookups with cheaters. ah yes the old I’m dating my best friends sister/brother plot, I’m down for it. Chewy’s been around for like a year and has barely done anything so I’m glad he’ll get plots now!

I want to write for Degrassi. not like actually write but just like come up with storylines cause I have some awesome ideas:

  • Jiberty baby attenting Degrassi and slowly learning about JT and his death and finding the box Liberty made him exc
  • Jack Simpson attending Degrassi
  • Marco as a real teacher
  • more silly plots and trying on clothes montoges (like Clare and Alli did in S9)
  • and more stuff I guess my ideas aren’t super specific but still